Twitter: 5 Reasons Why I Love That Place

By: Malika Bennett

A year ago you wouldn’t find me on Twitter. I was familiar with Twitter and had a private profile – but I did not tweet, check my messages, nor did I retweet, or respond to follower requests. I know, shameful! The fact is, Twitter did not capture my interest and therefore my exclusive relationship remained with Facebook and LinkedIn where I can easily catch up with friends, family, and cultivate my professional relationships.

In fact, if you asked me about Twitter last year, I would’ve rolled my eyes and jokingly asked “tweeting, who does that?” Apparently a lot of brilliant people tweet so the joke would’ve been on me. Twitter is certainly a powerhouse that only fellow tweeps can truly understand. Today, I am proud to say that Twitter and I rekindled our relationship – and this time – I think it may be love LOL!

With that said, I would like to share with you my top 5 reasons for loving Twitter and why you should love Twitter too.

1.Twitter Expands Your Social Network – Twitter is one of the best online communities to meet new people outside of your current social network. One time during lunch I was tweeting about Chipotle and saw another person tweeting about it too. I replied to that person’s tweet by commenting on the Awesomeness of their food and instantly made a new connection. Chipotle saw our conversation and replied and re-tweeted our tweets – it was pretty cool. From that one conversation, I made two new connections –If you’re looking to make new connections, Twitter is the place to be.

2.Twitter Helps You Find Opportunities – Many companies, products, celebrities, media organizations and everyday people reside on Twitter. Never before have fans been able to reach out directly to their favorite music artist and have a conversation – but now you can do that with Twitter. Recently, Twitter directed me to a fantastic opportunity to be a video extra in neo soul artist, Eric Roberson’s upcoming video ‘Male Ego.’ This was an amazing opportunity that afforded me a chance to meet some great people. I would’ve never heard about this opportunity had it not been for Twitter. What opportunities are you looking for? The possibilities for opportunities are endless on Twitter– so just get on there and start connecting.

3.Twitter Makes You Smarter – Twitter is like the new Google. You can learn about almost anything and find interesting information on Twitter by conducting and saving searches, following trending topics and listening to the conversations taking place on Twitter. Many tweets include links to outside sources like websites, blogs, videos or photos so that you can learn about practically any topic. What do you want to learn about? Get on Twitter, join the conversation and start increasing your knowledge.

4.Twitter is a Powerful Promotions Tool – Legal battles have been settled in 48 hours thanks to Twitter. Authors have self published books. Independent musicians have promoted shows and sold out shows on Twitter. Brands have celebrated important milestones and anniversaries. For example American Airlines ran a “Tweet to Win 30K Miles” contest on Twitter to celebrate its 30th anniversary of the AAdvantage loyalty program. According to an article on Mashable, the program was very successful. The campaign microsite attracted over 18,000 hits from Twitter. The reality is that Twitter is a powerful tool for marketers looking to increase website traffic and business. And now Twitter makes it easier for business to promote brands or campaigns through services like “Promoted Tweets” which is a fairly new advertising platform offered to businesses.

5.Twitter is Free – Yes, that’s right, Twitter is free to use and simpler than many of the other social networks like Facebook. With the recent release of Facebook’s new timeline many users feel the site is cluttered. I agree. Twitter is much easier than Facebook to navigate and gather information.

That’s it. Those are the five reasons why I love Twitter. If you are not tweeting, you are missing out on a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. My suggestion is to “Try Twitter.” After all, you never know– what you may learn and who know, you may fall in love with Twitter too. ♥


One thought on “Twitter: 5 Reasons Why I Love That Place

  1. Recently I created my 2nd twitter account – not for spamming…. The reason is to re-start from scratch, and be selective in who I follow and what I tweet. I have love & hate twitter. Hating it because of the spam, and I’ll say a good portion of the users just keep broadcasting and doesn’t get involved in any real conversation or meaningful engagement. Loving it because of what you mention…twitter is really a world of opportunities and a good place to learn & share when we are linked up with people made up of “real-stuff”


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