Where there is darkness, there is also light.

Think Like a Winner, Act Like a Winner

By: Malika Bennett

When you’re going through tough times, it can be a real challenge to see the good in the situation. Emotions can take a toll on your soul and make it hard to filter out the bad and look for good or the lesson in a situation. But, no matter your situation (illness, unemployment, divorce, loss of loved ones, personal hardship, etc.) it is important during these times to think like a winner so you can be delivered from your situation and come out a winner. Below are four winning ways to overcome bad times when they come your way.

1. Count Your Blessings – Count your blessings when you are in a rut. This may be hard to do during tough times, but you must force yourself to look at the good in your life. So get out your pen and paper or iPad and write down five things in your life that you are grateful about. It could be something as simple as being thankful for clean water and a warm place to sleep. Or being thankful for a job even if the pay is not what you desire and bills are tight. There is always some good and remember there is always someone worse of than you.  In the words of my pastor Dr. Leonard N. Smith “you have to utilize the art of celebration in tough times.”  This will take your mind of the bad and force you to re-focus your energy on the good.

2. Focus on Improvement – When it feels like everything around you is falling apart, take the time to look at ways to improve your situation. For example if you lost your job, think about ways to build on your skills sets. Perhaps this is a good time to go back to school or start your dream business. A friend of mine took this approach and had great success. Within one year she went from having no income to starting up her own daycare business and becoming a public adjuster. She is now making $7,000 a month and doing well – but she had to objectively and creatively look at her situation and find ways to overcome financial hardship.

3. Give Back – The best way to look beyond your problem or tough times is to take the focus off of you. A great way to do this is by giving your time and talents to others. For example spend time feeding the homeless or volunteer to read books to a child in need. Or you can sing in your church choir or help the elderly. There are thousands of charities that need volunteers and your talents are needed and your options are endless. The bottom-line is to give your pity party a rest by helping others. The sheer act of giving back will make you feel awesome.

4. Get Your Mind RightIt is so important to be mindful of the messages you are taking in during tough times. Avoid negative people and get your mind right or focused on the good things. This can be done by listening to uplifting music, watching a funny movie, reading an inspirational book or meditating or praying in solitude or with others. Remind yourself that you are a winner and that you will survive these tough times. As one of my favorite songs goes “trouble don’t last always” and “this to shall past.”  Remember these words when tough times come and you will be alright.

When all else fails remember that tough times are a certainty in this life – we all go through it. But in the end, it’s our attitude that will determine how and when we overcome. When you think like a winner, you act like a winner and the end result is overcoming obstacles in your path.


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