Remembering & Activating Your Dream Life

Life Life to the fullest!

By: Malika Bennett

Every now and then I feel inspired, motivated, encouraged and compelled to do something different, to make some lasting changes in my life. Whether it’s working out to get in better shape or pursuing a new client or starting a new business – right now I realize that anything in this life is possible and I am going through one of those seasons where I am inspired to dream again.

Sometimes I ask myself, how did I get to this point – where I forgot my dreams. I don’t really know the answer to that – but the reality is – I see the truth now – which is that I can have anything I want in this life. As long as I am breathing, living, anything in this world, any goal, any dream, any life I want for me – I can have. Yes I have been praying, I have been working, but I hadn’t been dreaming. And then I got  the wake up call and it came in the form of being around people who were artistic and creative and embody an inner resilient self – people who were just like me in many ways – but they were living their dream life.

Through them, I saw me – the real me. I saw their openness, confidence, and insecurities. I saw that they were human – they were not perfect – but they were living life the way they wanted to live – making up their own rules not conforming and following society norms or what is “expected.” I saw that they worked hard and played hard and being with them  inspired me. I saw that they were giving and worked as a team to help one another make a living, improve their businesses, improve themselves, and get to their desired destination. I saw that they identified what they wanted in life and went after it – sometimes falling down, but like champions – always getting back up and never accepting defeat.

So this motivating, encouraging and compelling life force has me looking at my life the real way. Embracing the fact that I may have been through a lot in my life – like most human beings – but accepting that this is part of life – and it should never detour me from my desired destination – which is living my dream life. The reality is, like many people, I have career dreams and life dreams. And I am asking God to grant these things. And I have full faith and confidence that He will grant me the desires of my heart and that I shall receive.

I am writing this because it was in my heart to share and I want to encourage myself and others to look at life, examine the desired destination, create a plan to get there – and just do it like Nike. The truth factor is that the sky is the limit and when we get back to the business of dreaming and asking God for what we want we will get to our desired destination. He will supply our needs.  Now, the question is what is your dream life? What does your dream life look like to you?


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