The “Thank You” Prayer


Sometimes the best prayer in life is simply “thank you.”

Saying thank you for what you can see and already have in this lifetime is great.…but equally important is to say “thank you” in advance for what you faithfully want, desire and are working towards.

God listens and loves a thank you prayer and the universe responds accordingly.

Examples of Thank You prayers:

Thank you prayer #1: Thank you lord for air to breathe and life.   Thank you lord for healing my cousin of all cancer and pain. Amen.

Thank you prayer #2: Thank you Father God for creating me in your perfect image. Thank you for new opportunities in my life and new doors that are open. Thank you for fun, loyal, good-hearted friends. Thank you for the focus to complete my final paper by Saturday and the perfect grade. Thank you for peace in my heart. Thank you for courage to stand up for what it is right and the courage to stand up against what is wrong. Thank you for showing me more of you everyday. Thank you for the fun person you made me to be. Thank you for a solid upbringing and parents who love and give selflessly to me and others. Thank you for a prayerful family and the legacies of my loved ones that are here on this earth and who are with us in spirit. There is just so much to be thankful for…..thankful to have breath to breathe and the fingers to type this thank you prayer. Thank you and Amen.

Thank you prayer #3 (for others): Lord thank you for blessing the person reading this message right now. Thank you for blessing them with the strength, determination, peace and the LOVE and FAITH they need to live life to the fullest…to enjoy life and be rich in all that they do. Thank you for protecting them and providing their daily bread and more…thank you for creating them in your image…which we know is perfect. Thank you for always being present. Thank you for the new opportunity you have for them. Amen.

Assignment: Try writing and saying your own Thank You prayer every time a doubtful or negative feeling, thought, or word comes upon you and watch God say “you’re welcome”…remember nothing is too big for God! Try the Thank You prayer this week and feel free to share your findings in the comments section.

Thank you.


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