A Prayer of Humility

A Prayer of Humility

By: Malika Bennett

Life is so much easier when we humble ourselves. It is easier to move forward in life when we challenge ourselves to forgive those who have “trespassed against us” or those who we simply “can’t stand” or “don’t like” or anyone who we think has done us wrong. Forgiving them and asking God to bless them and work on their hearts and supply all that they need can release negative emotions and free our spirit so that we can be happy and continue to proposer.

There is a saying that I learned is true and relevant – hurt people, hurt others and that you can not fight evil with evil – but rather you have the power to combat evil with good. God created this universe in a way that we can stop the cycle of hurt or hate by pouring out love. I am not saying you have to be in people’s face showering them with love but you can simply say a nice prayer on the offenders behalf. This can be done my thanking God in advance for healing their hearts and for healing yours too. Wish good on them. Wish them success. Wish them prosperity. All the things you want for your life or you see that they need – say a prayer and ask God to bless them with those things. When people act crazy towards others it’s almost never about you but about them. It’s usually about something they are struggling with internally. But the beautiful thing is that prayer changes situations and changes people.

And while we’re praying – let’s keep our prayers lifted to the family and community of Newtown, CT. Let us not forget this community – especially the family and friends of those who lost loved ones.


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