Pay It Forward


By: Malika Bennett

Well talk about stepping out on faith – that is exactly what I did today with my random “Pay It Forward” movement. I woke up at 5:30am this morning with an urge in my belly to give back and perform some random act of kindness. I am that girl. I believe in spur of the moment – follow your heart – type of action. So, today it was business as usual. It was in my heart to do something nice for a stranger. But, I also wanted to see if anyone else would join me in this movement. To do my part I went to McDonald’s to pay for a strangers meal and I also went to Twitter to start some trouble (just kidding) and get the word out there in the universe.

To get this movement started, I sent out tweets to my followers on Twitter and to some random celebrities challenging them to participate in this movement by performing a random act of kindness and retweeting what they did to their followers.

Some of the celebrities I reached out to were: Jennifer Lopez, Steve Harvey, Miley Cyrus, Michelle Williams, Tyra Banks, Queen Latifah, Yolanda Adams, NeNe Leakes, and many more. Will they respond to the calling? I really don’t know. This was not a planned event so they may or may not respond – it’s up to destiny or fate at this point. Am I hoping they respond? Absolutely!

How To Pay It Forward

If you are new to the idea of “Paying It Forward” – don’t worry – it  is really a simple concept. The idea is to perform a random act of kindness for anyone including strangers.This could include carrying an elderly person’s groceries to the car, buying a homeless person a warm meal, donating clothing to a thrift store, complimenting someone, donating food to a food bank, the sky is the limit.  The idea is to spread love through kindness. You can learn more about the history of Pay It Forward here.

Result of the Pay It Forward Movement

So, what is the result of the “Pay It Forward” movement? I believe this random “Pay It Forward” movement will create some “chatter” in Twitterland, but how much “chatter” and “action”  – well that is TBD.  The beauty of life is that ANYONE has the power and ability to pay it forward.  I reached out to celebrities because they have so many adoring fans who they could instantly reach to help get this random act of kindness movement going. I also reached out to my followers who are everyday people like you and me. The power to start this movement is really in your hands. You can start a “Pay It Forward” movement of your own by performing your own random act of kindness and getting a friend or two to join you.

Ironically,  I learned today (via Twitter) that Sunday, Feb. 17., was Random Acts of Kindness day. That is awesome. However, let’s up the ante and make random acts of kindness an everyday occurrence. Even a weekly occurrence is a good start. Are you down?

Let me know what you decide to do and share your “Pay It Forward” experiences with us in the comments section or on Twitter.

Blessings to you and yours!

Happy Child


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