The “Surrender” Prayer

By: Malika Bennett

Heavenly Father, I humbly ask that you just take hold of my life, take away my worries, restore my confidence and help me renew my trust. I trust that you are guiding my life, and I am ready to just let go and let you lead me. You are my focus. Serving you and keeping peace and harmony in this world is in my heart.

Lord thank you for lifting up my loved ones and blessing them with good health and prosperity. Lord in your precious name I rebuke the spirit of evil and selfishness and command it to be released and removed from mind, bodies and soul. I pray that right now that the people of this carnal world will surrender all egos, worries, concerns and worldly characteristics that plague our progression.

Lord, I pray that you free us from ourselves so that color, class, creed, or greed would not be a determining factor of how we treat people, how we interact, how we distribute power and how we interact as citizens of your righteous kingdom on earth. In Jesus precious and mighty name…Amen.


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