Energy: The Key To Your Happiness

By: Malika Bennett

These are a few thoughts on energy and how to be happy in life. It’s real simple. To be happy you simply must choose your battles and learn what and what NOT to put your energy into.

In other words, figure out what is worth your energy and block everything else out.  Even kindness is energy. I use to believe in the saying “kill them with kindness.” But now I say why even bother putting your “kind” energy into something that is negative. Save your energy for something that makes you happy. Just pray for the people or the situation and move on.

To determine what things in your life are worth investing time and energy into, here are three simple questions you can ask yourself:

How do I feel when I am around [insert person’s name]?.

Note: If you feel negative than leave this person alone and find people that you like to be around or simply be by yourself and get involved in activities that make you happy.

Is this situation adding value to my life?

Note: If no then stop putting energy into that situation. Move on.

What makes me feel good or adds value to my life?

Note: Only put energy into these things.

That’s my spiritual lesson this week. Figure out what is worth your energy and put your energy into those people or things. Take care of your responsibilities and move on with life. There are so many doors of opportunity and blessings in this universe so put your energy into them and #BeHappy!

Recommended readings/books related to this post are Be Happy!: Release the Power of Happiness in YOU and Energy Zappers: Dealing with People Who Drain You Dry


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