The “Next Level” Prayer

Heavenly Father, I come Lord first giving glory and honor to your name for you are awesome and worthy to be praised. I thank you Lord for this day, my daily bread. I thank you for a roof over my head, an opportunity to make a difference, and a chance to be of service to someone in need. Thank you for being my strong tower – my protector, my provider – the one that breathes life into my dreams and helps me discern from good and bad.

Father God, today I pray for clear direction, clear intention, clear purpose and clarity to be sowed into my spirit. Lord show me the path you have for me spiritually, mentally and physically and when you place that vision in my mind let it be cemented in my heart so that I do not waver from that vision.

Lord provide for me the loving and supportive help that I need to manifest my dreams and visions in to reality. Thank you Lord for showing me the path you have of me. Thank you for placing conviction and promise in my soul so that I can unapologetically go to the NEXT LEVEL. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.


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