Tyler Perry’s Secret To Success

Tyler Perry shares his secret to success!!! Check out the video and share your thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Tyler Perry’s Secret To Success

  1. I like Tyler Perry but I think this vid is not the way to go! Tyler Perry in truth has no secrets to success he just believed in himself and his idea and his dream. Who has not walked the face of the earth and had a dream and put hard work into it and never gave up but the dream did not come to fruition? Many people worked hard believed in their ideas but it never came to pass and we know this because of history books that many people died without all their hard work not ever seeing the light of success. The idea that he is a man of God and is blessed and favored of the Lord is nice but the word tells us that evil men who do good for society are blessed by God as well! This is not a humble man being humble this is a vid about self praising! This is the trap the devil sets for those who do not pay attention to the back door (praising one’s self) the enemy comes through. When one starts praising themselves and writing books on oneself they are not giving God the glory that is an afterthought the real focus is on self! Tyler Perry is in trouble of making an idol of himself and putting it into the hands of very vulnerable people who are looking for an easy answer to success. When you start believing your own press that you made then you are headed for trouble. This vid comes off as conceited not humble. I pray he does no more vids like this and God forbid he start writing books on how to obtain the dream…ugh. I hope Tyler does not sell and parcel off himself to everyone looking for a quick and easy path way to success, it is just another form of prostitution enslavement.


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