How to Create A Vision Board

By: Malika Bennett

In this post I show you how to make YOUR VERY OWN vision board using your smartphone (Android/iPhone, etc). It’s a lot of fun and will help you focus on creating your dream life!

  1. First think about your life. What are your dreams? Where would you like to travel? What is your dream career or job? Do you want kids? If so, how many kids? Do you want a dog or cat? What are your life goals? What does your dream house look like? What would be your perfect life? The idea is to start thinking creatively and without hesitation about what you want your life to look like. In other words you are creating a bucket list of things you want to do or achieve in this life. The key to the vision board is to think BIG and don’t hold back. Never put a limit on your dreams. Remember the SKY is the limit!!!!
  2. Next, is the fun part. When you see an image, sign, postcard, picture, greeting card or anything visual that represents anything on your bucket list, simply take a picture of it using your smartphone and save it on your phone.Tip: Look in magazines for visual representations of things on your bucket list or just look for things that you love. I personally love travel and lifestyle magazines. You may also find free images that you can use on search engines like Google, etc. When you find something you like from a search engine or on the internet simply save it or download the image to your phone.
  3. Once you are satisfied with the images/photos on your phone than download a free photo collage app to your smartphone. I used this free app called “Insta Pic Frame” that works well with Instagram and helped me create my vision boards.
  4. Next use the app to create your digital collage or “vision board” on your phone.
  5. When you’re done creating the collage or “vision board” you can save the image your phone. This will be your digital vision board.
  6. Next post your digital vision board everywhere to remind yourself of your dreams

Where to Post/Hang Up Your Vision Board

  1. You can post your vision board on Blogs/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter or any of your social media accounts. If you post it on your social media account such as Twitter please share it with others my using the hashtag #MyVision 
  2.  You can use your vision board as wallpaper and/or screen saver on your phone, laptop, or desktop computer.
  3. You can email your new vision board to yourself and print it. Once you print it you can hang it up at work, in your bathroom, on your fridge, etc. Hang it up everywhere so you can see it.

Get creative and have fun making your vision board. You can also take this same concept and create a vision board that visually displays your new year goals, career goals, life goals, fitness goals, bucket list, wedding to baby shower wish list, etc. You can even create gratitude lists of things in your life that you are thankful for – this can include your own original photos of family, friends, your home, car, etc. I love to take pictures of my pictures using the camera on my phone – those work great for vision boards.

To see an example of a vision board, check out the example below. This was one I created and it was so much fun!

My Digital Vision Board
My Digital Vision Board

Here’s another vision board that I made. This one has a picture of  my DREAM HOUSE, romance, love, family, vacation spots, career look and my theme of “grown & very sexy”

Another example of a vision board.
Another example of a vision board.

Follow me on Instagram where you can see more examples of my vision boards.


Remember, it’s never to early and never to late to dream. The power to manifest what you want starts with the conscious and subconscious mind and being aware of what YOU want.

Dream big and please share your vision boards with me & others! Challenge yourself to make one within one week of reading this blog post.

To share your new vision board with me please post a link to your vision board in the comments section below. Also if you are on Twitter, send it to me (@the_realmalika) and be sure to use the hashtag #MyVision.

I hope you have fun creating your beautiful vision boards. This truly is the first step to manifesting your dream life and creating a life you love!

Blessings and best of luck! Let me know if you have any questions.


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