Remember: Keep the Faith!!!

Many talk about faith. The question comes up all the time. What does it mean to have faith?

I believe faith comes from our trust and love for God. This means do not worry about what tomorrow brings, but instead, live for today.

I thank my Father in heaven for a home, food to eat, people to love and people who love me. I will trust that in the same way God provides for dandelions and lilies to grow and butterflies to bloom from cocoons that I too, will be taken care of, just as God promises in his word (refer to Matthew 6: 25-34 for more on this).

I must say, the journey to complete faith is a hard one. I mean, to let go of ourselves and put full and complete trust in God is opposite of what the world teaches. I think it’s in our human nature to want to be “self-reliant.” But all we need, God will provide and he says this in His living word.

God has truly been good to me. One testimony of faith is how I overcame being broke when I first moved back to the east coast. I came back to live on the east coast in February of 2007. I had money saved up and was anxious to leave my hometown. I was feeling stagnant where I was at and I knew the same old way of living in my hometown was not for me. I was not growing and I needed change. It was hard because I left a good job working in the media business to come to the east coast. After 4 months of working odd jobs to get by, I ran through my savings of $3000 and was broke. I literally only had $10 in my banking account.

I remember getting to the point of pure desperation, so I got down on my knees and began praying and crying and bargaining with God. Finally I just gave up the bargaining part and got real. I broke down and said “Lord I am sorry if I moved to soon. I am sorry if I did not wait on you. I came out here on faith. But if you want me to go back home I will.” As soon as I said that, I felt something come over my sprit and heard a voice speak calmly to me “you are here for a reason.” It sounds crazy, but I knew this voice, I had heard it before, and it never led me astray. This was God speaking through my spirit.

The next day, I left the house with no worries, because somehow I knew good things were about to happen. If this was where God wanted me to be, I knew he would make a way for me. That next day around 3 p.m., I got the call from my temp agency that I got this job that I recently interviewed for. It was such a relief and blessing. It was an AHA moment about Faith and how God is soooooo sooooo good. Well not only did I get the job, but it was the job that I secretly prayed for. The job was providing marketing support for a workforce disability program. I was excited because it was actually a temp to hire position. I was eventually hired full time with the company that hired me.

I am sharing this story because it is my testimony. I believe someone can learn from it or be inspired and reminded to Trust God. Also, telling my testimony serves as a reminder to myself. What I am continuously learning is that God has the power to change situations. So my message is to keep the faith and remember to put full & complete trust in God.


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