Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Thank you to Shaun @ for nominating my blog. I have seen many of the blogs that received this award and checked out Shaun’s award and I am very impressed and elated to be in such great company.

The Rules:

The rules of this award are:
Thank and link back to the blogger who has nominated you,
Post the award logo to your blog,
Nominate and link to 15 other very inspiring bloggers.
Notify them; and tell 7 things about yourself

Seven things about myself:

1. I am a diehard fan of gospel music. It is uplifting and keeps me positive.

2. I love kit kat bars and chipotle – yes together.

3. I sing in the car like I’m having my own concert and I am the main act on the stage LOL!

4. I love, LOVE. I thank God for LOVE.

5. I love adventure parks and water slides.

6. I am a granola bar at heart or in other words I love NATURE.

7. I am working on a prayer book which (God willing) I will release later this year.

I now have to nominate 15 people. I hate doing it, as I could pick from thousands of people. Truth is there are sooooo many good blogs out there, but here we go.

1. Tina Turner Blog at

2. I’m not just Weird at

3. Prayer Works Cafe at

4. Dionne Shannette and The Butta Fly Life at

5. My Everyday Power Blog at

6. Hisessence Fashion & Art blog at

7. Power of Pies blog at

8. Mustard Seed Budget at

9. From the C Sweet at

10. Why I Believe In God at

11. John Mitchell at

12. James Donaldson at Standing Above the Crowd blog at

13. Peachie’s Marriage Nectar at

14.War on Foolishness at

15. Photo Matt at

All the bloggers above are people I have just met or people new to me on here. A few are not. All deserve this award from what I have read from their blog page. Picking 15 people is hard but these are the 15 blogs I would like to award. So well done, and PLEASE accept.



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