Don’t Just Coast Through Life, Grow Through Life

I will never stop caring because when you love people that’s what you do. But sometimes watching people I care about “coast” through life when you know they could be climbing to higher ground or building upon what they have makes me upset. We all need help. We are not designed to be experts in everything. God did not create us to be like that. He deposited special gifts, talents and life experiences in each of us that are unique. But when we coast through life instead of challenging ourselves to learn new things and be better it inhibits our growth.

But sometimes I understand that as imperfect humans we are afraid to ask for help in areas we are not naturally strong in because of many reasons ~ one of them being pride. And sometimes we just choose to “coast” in life because of fear of failure, fear of success or just not caring. But please understand “coasting” in life instead of being “forward thinking” is not going to help you get the most out of your life. If it’s easy, you are on “summer break” and have willingly decided to drop out of the “school of life.” Please don’t let yourself drop out because like a good parent, when you do that God will respond with some hard life lessons and punishment. For every action in life there is a reaction.

I just want to encourage people to never ever be afraid to ask for help. Pride will hurt you, it is a self destructive mind set. Please don’t ever be fearful of anything, fear will prevent you from creating and experiencing your best life. And please don’t ever let yourself get to the point when you don’t care and simply choose to “coast” in life (which means you are doing the minimum to get by) because that means you are giving up on you and the growth that can take you the next level. Always do your best and try to learn and grow in everything you do. You know, God makes no mistakes. God has you here on this earth for a reason. To be true to your creator and true to yourself means that you NEVER give up on life and that you always show up with a willingness to learn and get that lesson so you can be your best and be blessed in the process.

Just like a good parent God rewards and richly blesses those who know how to ask for help and those who wake up every day with a commitment to learn and grow and willingness to trim and prune out negative behaviors or mindsets that are getting in the way of success and progress.

So please do yourself a favor and commit to growing and not just “coasting” through our life. Be present in every moment and make a firm decision to challenge yourself to be your best in all that you do.


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