“Mend My Heart” Prayer

By: Malika Bennett

Father God, I lift up the name of every person carrying any debris from a broken heart or failed relationship. Lord heal them of  any past hurt that is blocking new relationships from forming and preventing them to love like they did before they were hurt or betrayed by a loved one. Lord,  let the residue of hurt fade away like the night and make their spirits free and renewed to love and trust again. Open their eyes and spirit so that they can see that there are people in this world who will love them for who they are and remind them that they are worthy of a healthy, strong, pure love with a loving mate. Lord we understand that everything is in your perfect timing and Father God I just ask you to come into the hearts of all the wounded lovers in this world and cleanse out that pain, regret, or anything that lowers their vibration or energy. Show them that it is OK to love again and allow them to embrace the lessons from past relationships so that they can grow and learn from that experience without being bitter, anxious, or nervous about loving again. Lord let them not fear commitment but stand strong in love and truth knowing that your love and precious Holy Spirit can bring joy back into their lives and mend any broken heart that they may have. Thank you Lord for your healing and mending our hearts from pain. In Jesus mighty name, Amen.


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