Enjoy The Journey

This life is all but a little journey – so enjoy it. I use to be so focused on the destination, the finish line and the results that I forgot to stop, breathe and take in the beauty found in the journey. The journey could be learning a new way of eating and taking care of your temple aka body. The journey could be learning about building healthy relationships with people. The journey could be the birth of a new child or starting school. The journey could simply be loving yourself and putting yourself first. There are so many journey’s and we should enjoy them all.

The JOURNEY is the best gift you can get from the process of any change you make in your life. The journey will sometimes expose dark hidden parts of yourself that you did not think were there. This is a good thing, embrace it. The journey may get uncomfortable at times where at other times you may experience overwhelming joy and happiness and peace. This is all part of the adventure so enjoy it. You may experience frustration – which is a common feeling when learning something new – and again, I say EMBRACE IT, ENJOY IT because this is your beautiful journey and you may not get one like it in this lifetime.

See the wonderful thing about life is that it is full of adventures and experiences or journey’s. So take in all the feelings you are experiencing during that time in your life. Journal about those feelings, explore them, most importantly acknowledge and embrace them. The bottom line is to enjoy the journey because the journey is where the breakthrough in your life occurs. The breakthrough meaning your Oprah “AHA Moment.” Remember that your most precious memories and life experiences and lessons are found in YOUR journey. Ride that journey til’ the wheels fall off and when they do fall off – put on new set of tires and keep on going and moving forward in love and truth.

Today my intention is to enjoy the journey I am on in life right now and to encourage someone else to do the same.

Blessings and have a great day!


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