People Are Like Onions…

I know you are probably thinking HOW can people be like onions. Oh yes baby, trust me, people are JUST like onions in many ways. People are like onions because just like onions people have multiple layers to them and  you never know what or who that person “really is” until you peel back a few of their layers and really get to know who they are.

Think about it for a second. Have you ever met someone who is nice and kind-hearted toward you and you immediately  think “this person is an angel” or “this person is so nice and sweet.” But then you hang around them more and you begin to see some other sides to them that show you there are more pieces to this puzzle. You might see jealousy in them or envy when someone compliments you in front of them and they appear “annoyed” or “frazzled” by the fact that someone is complimenting you and not them. Or maybe they try to throw you under the bus when they have done something “out of line” and you call them out on their inappropriateness. Or maybe you see signs of rage and anger in them and you don’t know where this is all coming from. Peel back the layer of kindness and what will you find? Peel back the layer underneath that and what else will you learn about that person.

I have met all types of people in my life and look forward to meeting many more because people fascinate me. I want to learn all I can. But my message for the day is to really take the time to get to know people. Pay attention to the red flags. People always show you who they are, little by little, they reveal their story. Be careful and take the time to get to know the people in your life so that you really know what you are dealing with. Kindness isn’t always kindness but then again sometimes it truly is what it is. I think if we all worked to be more transparent and expose our “onion-NESS” or “imperfect selves” with humility and acceptance than we would be happier people less concerned about the world discovering our hidden layers, secrets, and hurting selves.

I think in love we should be there for others whether through prayer or maybe being an up close friend. But the key is to never ever compromise your own happiness and positive vibrations in this world for anyone – which means that if the energy is not right in a situation remove yourself from that situation and get to a place where you are comfortable. After all this is your life and the only one you OWE anything to is you.



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