And The Saga Continues: “Hurt People” Still “Hurt People”

So we’re back on that again…remember earlier this year I wrote and recorded the “hurt people prayer” on this blog (if not, please check out the YouTube recording here). Well it is still true and relevant today. This world hasn’t changed.

Today, “hurt people STILL hurt people…” the saga continues in this world. Look at George Zimmerman and the Trayvon Martin case. There was no point in that man following Trayvon and ending his life, except for his own internal issues. Look at your own inner circles. I’m sure you got a few people around you who tried to project their own internal issues and negativity on you. It happens everyday. Hurt people are still hurting people.

But there is good news in all of this. See the good news is if given the opportunity you can make a difference and stop the “hurt people” cycle.  It’s simple and all you have to do is get out of the line of fire of “hurting people.”  Know that you are Queens and Kings and you don’t have to be around people who question your character. You don’t have to be around people who make personal attacks or digs at you. You don’t have to be around people who lie, gossip, manipulate or use you.

Just remember the actions of hurting people are a “non factor” in your life. And the great news is that their actions will not affect you when you realize the source of it all is not you. It’s NEVER about you. You never know how deep the pain goes. In situations where you may be under the attack or influence of “hurt people” just remember these four simple things and do them ASAP to ensure your happiness.

1.) Recognize their pain or hurt. Know it is NEVER about you.

2.) Remove yourself from the line of fire.

3.) Pray for their healing and your protection.

4.) Keep it moving and have a great day.

My experience is that it is best to peacefully retreat into your own space of heaven and peace and choose to live drama free. If you feel anything else but good energy, remove yourself from the situation. You owe it to yourself to guard yourself from miserable hurting people. You are worth more. After all you are Queens and Kings and royal people think, act, and behave on a higher vibration because they love themselves enough to protect themselves from “hurt people.”

I promise that when you are living that Queendom and Kingdom life, you no longer desire to associate yourself with that caliber of behavior, you rise above, forgive, keep it pushing and live your life happily.


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