Know That It Didn’t Work For A Reason…

You ever look back at one of your ex’s in your life and wonder “what the heck” was I thinking? Ha, that just happened to me. I’m looking back at a few expired relationships from my past and I am realizing that God did me a huge  favor by not allowing that relationship to prosper. In fact as I reflect even more, I’ll admit there must have been something terribly wrong with my self-esteem at that time to even attract or desire that type of man into my life. I say that because we don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are. It’s the law of attraction going to work for us or against us depending on our mindset.

The bottom line is that sometimes things don’t work out for a reason and our intuition knows it but we don’t always listen to that still voice or feeling that tells us when danger is near. And even when we see the wrong in a relationship (they don’t call as much, they are distant, nagging, angry, argumentative, or it just doesn’t feel right) our ego, flesh and human selves  fight so hard to save a broken relationship that was wrong in the first place.

Ladies and gentlemen I submit to you that it is so much better in the long run to trust our intuition. Our intuition, like love is an armor designed to protect you from fatal mistakes and hurtful situations. Our intuition is that little nudge in our spirit saying “something ain’t right” or for the “feelers” out there it might be that heavy suffocating feeling you get when danger or negativity is around. If you are a “feeler” you know what I am talking about.

As I grow and develop I am truly learning just to go with the flow of life and trust my gut or intuition. I now know that the relationships from my past life didn’t work for a reason.  I understand that timing is everything and that what God has for me is for me – and what God has for you is for you. Don’t be afraid to listen to your intuition and if you are ever in doubt about a relationship know that something better and more tailor-made for you is out there – but you have to have an available heart and clear mind to receive it – and that takes time and self work. The relationships before didn’t work out for a reason – they didn’t work out because you were destined for something better, something greater, just for you.


4 thoughts on “Know That It Didn’t Work For A Reason…

  1. In the words of Garth Brooks..some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers. I can think of countless examples of my own life of the greatness that things didn’t work out : )


  2. You are so right!, I’ve had those what was I thi king moments, and a ton of disastrous relationships later I realized the best thing is to trust ur intuition! In fact I wrote about both of those things too! Great post 🙂


  3. JOEDALIO – so true, thanks for your comment. I may need to go look up some good Garth Brook songs now 🙂


  4. @QueenofTheFries – thanks for commenting and I am so glad you also could relate! I will be by your blog to shortly to read up on your posts too! 😉


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