Turn Your Pain Into Your Passion

Some people never had a mother or the support of their mom – they only dreamed of what a “good mom” would be. So they pledge to be the “best mom” they could be to their children or they commit to mentoring young people so they can have what they never had.

They are turning their pain into passion.

Some people never had a “dad” around so they pledge to be the “best father” they could be or they become mentors to young people in a special way that they wish they would have been mentored and guided by their father.

They are turning their pain into passion.

In fact, my father never knew his dad but he always told me that he wanted to be the father he always envisioned. He, in my opinion, is turning his pain into his passion – and I thank him for that. 

Some people have lost children “before their time” and they give selflessly to young people because that’s their way of honoring their child and passing that love on to the next generation.

They are turning their pain into passion.

Some people went through a difficult divorce or breakup and they vow to counsel and share their experiences with others so that they can have happy relationships and not go through what they went through.

They are turning their pain into passion.

Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin lost their son – Trayvon Martin – a victim to racial profiling and violence – but they are challenging laws such as “Stand Your Ground” – they are coordinating protests nationwide – they are doing what God has put in them to do – to “stand their ground” and fight injustice as they see fit.

They are turning their pain into passion.

And then there’s me. I have my own pain that I am turning into passion. My pain is seeing young women suffer from low self-esteem. I want every young woman to know they are beautiful Queens and to stand their ground in loving themselves.  I do this as best I can through blogging, encouraging young women to believe in themselves, volunteering and sharing my story and life experiences with others. That is my way of turning my “pain” into my passion. I once was a woman who struggled with self-esteem and not KNOWING my worth. Praise be to God that he showed me through his word that I am more valuable than rubies or pearls and that I am created in his light and love – which is the most powerful energy that exists in this universe.

I am turning my pain into passion. 

Now my question to you is “what is your pain?” My challenge to you is to discover your “pain” and find a way to turn your pain into your passion through service to others.  I don’t believe there is one human being walking this earth who has never experienced pain, I mean even Jesus experienced pain.

I would like to leave you with this vision. Imagine a world full of people who are turning their pains into passion and flipping the script that life tried to write for them. What would that world look like? Would that world be a much happier place to live? THe good news is that their are people that are turning their pain into passion everyday and making a difference. Some people are doing it through their businesses or profession (doctor, nurse, lawyer, etc) or by starting nonprofits, mentoring, volunteering, writing books, developing movies and PR campaigns to address social ills or by sharing their creative talents through dancing, singing, painting, etc. My hope is that from sharing this message with you that you may be encouraged to help someone in need by  turning your pain into passion. And if you are already doing that then I send you my deepest gratitude, love and respect, for you are changing the world.



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