Midnight Hour Prayer

Why am I up? Lately the Lord has been getting me up with ideas, dreams, visions and sweet counsel. I feel so blessed. I am headed back to bed but not before I shared a little prayer. I hope you are blessed by it and say it with me in Thanksgiving to God, our savior Jesus Christ from which all blessings flow and miracles manifest and prayers are answered.

Midnight Hour Prayer
Lord I love you, keep using me, keep using all of your precious children, Lord. For we are called and submit in service to you because every concern of the heart you hear, every need you fill, every danger you block, Lord you are our strong tower our secure and strong rock. Thank you Lord for being that all seeing, all knowing, redeemer, protector and provider. Thank you for being that source of joy and eternal and internal peace that we all need. I live off your word not by bread alone. Temptations may come but God in you I am made strong as an ox. My food, shelter and spiritual nourishment you provide. For the blessings that flow to me and cover me like rain, I thank you. For in you I am confident and confidently blessed. Lord in the spirit of love and service I commit to your plan for my life. Not by MY will but by YOUR will do I abide and forever put my trust in you. Heavenly Father live in me, for in you I am free as a bird, I am focused like an eagle, I work hard like the ant and I am fear free, running towards you because You love me and you know what is best for me. Everyday I enjoy this lovely and challenging journey called life and happily commit to being the best woman AND servant to you as you have called me to be. I humbly bow to you Lord in thanksgivng and praise ~ for you are an awesome, mighty, powerful and loving God. I will forever be true as you are and always have been to me.  In Jesus’ mighty and powerful name, thank you and Amen.


4 thoughts on “Midnight Hour Prayer

  1. I just read your prayers they are so powerful,I must. say. As a prayer warrior myself. I do agree with you, about. Midnight prayers are so powerful. But recently my prayer life has been decreasin especially in the midnight I can’t wake up anymore I always overslept due to tiredness. But the Lord is still good in my life thru it all. I’m so blessed to discover your site . Prayer is the engine that keeps us going all the time! GBU Ruth.


  2. I am glad you enjoyed the prayers. When you say that “prayer is the engine that keeps us going” – I couldn’t agree with you more!!! From one prayer warrior to another, God Bless You!!!


  3. I read this prayer daily. I and my loved ones are very much blessed. My elder daughter Mrs.Shaaliny Subhash by Gods grace and mercy she conceived now 8 months. Doctor has told for ceasarean. Sir/mam please pray for normal delivery

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  4. Kalanand– I will definitely be praying for a safe procedure and normal delivery for your daughter and grandchild! What a blessing for your family!!! Thanks for sharing your journey. Please keep me updated. Blessings!!!


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