Get On Your Love Game …

Love is praying for someone and wishing them nothing but good even if your flesh is like “oh hell no” LOL! Love is understanding no body is perfect and that we all need help and forgiveness and sometimes we have to call on God on the behalf of others because they need it. Love is not self seeking. Love does not boast or say “I did this for you so you owe me that, etc.” Love is about unselfish giving and not about you but instead it’s about being there for your sisters and brothers in this world without expecting anything in return from them. Now in the process of loving, I do believe you have to know your boundaries and regulate how much energy or love you pour into people. An empty tank will stall on you so never ever put more love out than you have available to give. You have to take the time to refuel. You refuel on love by loving yourself,  respecting yourself and going to our Father in heaven and asking him for strength and to pour His spirit and love into you so that you may be a blessing to others. Love is the most powerful energy in this universe. It heals, it renews, it restores, it brightens up rooms, it cures broken hearts, it brings peace to the hearts of the tormented, neglected, abused and rejected. Love can make evil cry. Love is what everyone in this world should experience because without it you will never fully understand the power of God and true beauty of this life experience. Get on your love game and show some love today. Forgive an old friend, pray for them, reach out to a stranger and give them some loving encouragement … Whatever you do, forget about you for a moment and just show some love. I hope this messages hits your heart hard and makes you want to love more. Have a great day!


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