Buyer Beware: Controlling People Are Like Rats

People who seek to control you or dominate you can ruin your life. Watch carefully for the signs. They prey on your weakness and seek to destroy your better self through many tactics that make you codependent on them. Tactics could be anything like drugs or substance abuse, sex, money, bribes, blackmail, torment, torture, lust, even kids. They will use anything to try and control you, anything.

The funny thing is that you may not even take these people seriously until you hit rock bottom. These people may seem like innocent fun or recreation. They may plant little “innocent” thoughts or comments and they create illusions like making you feel good and important or like you are in control when really they are controlling or manipulating you. Its all very sickening and twisted. So beware because these type of people are like rats and they’ve come to prey on you.

See like a rat, if he, she or they can get their head under your doorway or through a crack in your house then that’s all they need to invade your life and get control over your life. Rats carry diseases, they are unclean and will make you so sick. What rats do you have on your life? It may be time to set some rat traps and destroy these awful and disgusting rodents.

So what is a “rat” trap and how do I set one? The best way to get rat like people out of your life is by speaking the word of God which is the word of truth, wisdom and power over your life. The next way to run rats out of your life and home is by self love. Self love is a decision you make to only allow people, places and things in your life that are good and healthy for you and bring the best out of you. Also it is important to recognize that a sound and quiet mind that is slow to anger and quick to rebuke adverse people, substances or actions will be key in kicking unwanted and unneeded rodents out your life.

Real talk,  it really is time to rid yourself of controlling people because the more you keep them around you the more that you send the message that self victimization is “ok” and that you value being hurt and in abusive relationships more than you value yourself or living a balanced, healthy and fruitful life full of real love. In fact these people will run good people out of your life, which is what they want because its about control. These people have no empathy for you and will train you in time to have no empathy for others. A person with no empathy is a dangerous person to be around and its a dangerous and shallow way for you to be too. If people say that “you change” when you’re around that person or group of people perhaps it’s time to look at WHY people say that. It could be a sign that you’ve allowed some rat like people in your life.

But the great thing about life is we have the ability to make choices and we can replace bad decisions aka having rat like people around us by simply rebuking them and making a concious choice to remove them from our lives.

In the end all will be well and rat like people removed when be begin to live in truth and not in illusion, fantasy, or lies. LIVING THE TRUTH means that you recongize and acknowledge that you have some bad influences around you aka rat like people and you need to regain control over your life. Part of regaining control is seeing that “greater is He that is in me then He that is in the world” and “He made me above not beneath” and that God will make a foot stool out of your advisory and all bondage is loosened and your soul is set free in Christ. Another part of regaining control is making a decesion to get back to your better self and get these rat like people out of your life before they take over your mind, body, soul and good life that you have been blessed with.

Lord I pray this message reaches anyone and everyone needing this today. Help them to regain control over their lives and stop the cycle of abuse and unneccesary self sabatoge. Lord help them to proactively remove all rat like people, behaviors, attitudes and thoughts from their lives. May the strength of the trinity (heavenly father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit) be the only thing influencing and taking control over their lives. Jesus be a strong tower and shield of protection from dangers seen and unseen. Allow the spirit of truth and pure love to grab hold of their souls so that there is no room for anything other than love. Let them know God, that they are worthy of real love and it exsists and that it is better and more satisfying than any drug, lust, sex, ego, money or other experiences or strongholds in this world. In Jesus mighty name, thank you and Amen.

Remember in Christ we are made strong and when we call on Him and pray to Him for help He will give us the strength to kick any bad habit including people out of our lives.

Godbless and have a great day!


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