Tonight’s Prayer

This is the year of romance and fun. Unexpected surprises, prosperity, growth and new friends. Thank you Lord for providing the needs and desires of my heart. Thank you for only allowing that which is good for me to enter in my life and stay. Thank you for getting me out of my own way of true carefree living and love. And thank you for healing my body from stress. Jesus please continue to be my guide and keep my angels close and near. Open my ears and spiritual eyes to hear and see what God wants me to say, deliver, share, and be. In His footsteps I walk, follow, lead, heal and through His love, I am healed and whole. Thank you for being an awesome God and forgive me of my sins and wrong ways so that I may live a long life full of goodness, mercy, protection, prosperity and love. Let peace reign in my heart and in the heart of all my loved ones near and far. For my loved ones who are with you in Heaven, I send them my love and ask that they continue to smile on me and along with my angels, keep a watchful eye over me. In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.


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