Prayer to the People You’ve Hurt

Dear Lord,

Please lift up everyone that I’ve hurt and I ask right now for forgiveness  of my wrongdoings. Heavenly father,  be a beautiful light along my path and within my heart so that my actions can be pleasing to you. Be a light within their hearts so that they can be healed and freed from any hurt of the past. Lord let them know that I am truly sorry for any wrong that I have done or pain that I have caused. Lord release me from the burden of guilt, shame, regret, confusion or anything weighing my spirit down. Lord help me to forgive myself so that I too may be set free and live in peace. I release this burden on my heart and on my spirit and give it to you God – my healer and comforter. Thank you Lord for the gift of forgiveness.  Lord, I lift up [insert names] in your name and ask that your Holy Spirit fill them up with love and peace beyond comprehension. I ask that you give them everything they need to move forward in love, truth, and peace. I ask Lord that your perfect peace shines upon my soul so that I may be a mirror of your love. Thank you Lord for forgiving me and releasing all burdens from heart and renewing my spirit. You are almighty and a true wonder!

In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.


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