Healing and Happiness: It’s All Yours

Today I thank God for the ability to know and see truth, lies and the good and bad in people. This is an awesome gift that sometimes I don’t even understand but it protects me and allows me to protect the ones I love. As I get older I learn to lean on this gift even more. With this gift comes responsibilty. Its the responsibility to do the honerable thing and use it to help myself and others. I always wondered why I was attracted to people with pain and hurt. But now I know its because I want them to feel better and be healed from their pain or situation.  And sometimes healing comes from having supportive loving people around you that can understand you, relate to you and who have overcome pain and therefore can help lead you to healing because after all, healing and happiness is what life’s about!

Its funny how deep pain goes. We are trained now to fear rather then to walk confidently, to run from commitment rather than invest in relationships, to feel nothing rather than love. What type of life is that?  That is not living that is walking dead and being miserable. I dont know about you, but that is not the life for me. I want to experience love, joy, peace, forbearance and all of the fruits of the spirit that God talks about and makes available to us.

Anyhow the good news is that through pain and sorrow or mishaps in life  there is also a special thing called deliverance. Deliverance comes from honoring the real and raw truth. Sometimes this comes from admitting to ourselves that something is not right in our life and that we need fixing.

Next we need to find out what is making us unhappy and tap into the negative behaviors, thoughts and attitudes connected to that unhappiness. For example resentment, distrust, jealously, lust, revenge, distancing, anger and even indifference are all negative things we feel, think or act out after we’ve been hurt or disappointed in life. This all weighs heavily on our souls.

After that internal assessment we must seek and gain an understanding of the life events that triggered all of these reactions in the first place (infidelity,  bad breakup, abuse, etc.) and then we must learn to make it right. To make it right is where the heavy lifting and hard work really begins and sometimes we need professional help such as a trained psychologist or trained and trusted counselor to help us with this process.  But at the core of this process is deep soul searching and forgiveness of our past. This includes forgiveness of others and their wrongdoings but equally important it involves forgiveness of ourselves for whatever negativity we absorbed and internalized from that situation.

For example if a business fails because a business partner squandered funds and then you decided not to trust anyone again in business then that is self sabstoge and an example of perpetuating the problem. This negative reaction can result in more failed relationships in the future because you start going into new relationships with walls up and untrustworthy attitude.

However, it would be healing for you to release and forgive yourself for carrying those feelings of mistrust and to stop projecting them on other innocent parties. You must forgive yourself for any feelings that you might have internalized. For example maybe you felt “gullible” or “inadequate” or “stupid” for trusting your business partner and you beat yourself up over and over again without even knowing it. And then because of that energy you are projecting you may continue to attract and deal with untrustworthy individuals or vice versa.  In order to move forward you must tap into the powerful spirit of forgiveness.  You must forgive yourself and you must forgive others. You will find that through forgiveness and by completing your soul work that the healing process will begin to take place. Getting to a place of healing is not always easy but it is necessary for you to grow up and to truly live a happy and free life that you can love and appreciate.

Don’t walk around carrying any more burdens from your past. Choose today to let it go, forgive and to give it to God.

Best wishes on your healing and happiness journey! Keep me posted on your healing adventures. Your story may be someone else’s saving grace.

Have a great day!


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