My Secret To Success Is…

I don’t know the secret to other people’s success but my secret is:

  1. I trust in the Lord God almighty and His favor on my life.
  2. I NEVER give up …. perseverance is as natural to me as breathing … giving up is never an option.
  3. I work hard in whatever I do.
  4. I am always learning and know I do not know everything. I look for ways to improve me, my relationships, my business, my work, my “whatever “that I am working on.
  5. I rebuke Satan and any negative energy that tries to derail me from my purpose. If you aren’t with me you are in my way and I will quickly navigate my butt around you or treat you like a minor speed bump and cruise over you because that negative energy has no resting place in my soul, life, or being.
  6.  I believe in me.
  7. I GIVE THANKS for every thing.

I understand now … God will not bring you to it without giving you the tools to get through it! So to anyone who may be going through it #KeepTrying #NeverGiveUP #HelpIsOnTheWay #WORKYOURGIFTS #Reach4Greater #LetTheSpiritofGodIntoYourHeart #TrustInGod #MakeItHappen

What is your secret to success? What keeps you moving forward when life get’s hard for you?


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