Who Do You Consider Your “Friend” ?

I guess at 12:45am EST it’s Good Morning to you! I am late going to bed as usual LOL!  Anywho, I just wanted to talk to you all about “friends.”  Who do you consider your “friend?” I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately because I just entered into a season of developing deeper relationships with people. It is my desire to give more of me but at the same time I want to be wise about whom I spend my energy on or with.

What Is A Friend?

So my question to you is what is a friend? I know it’s basic but I really want to hear your thoughts on this. Also what qualities or behavior do you expect a “friend” to have or show you? Do you have different levels of “friends”? For example “best friend” your “best best” friend LOL. I mean, I really want to know this  stuff so please take this seriously.

I think it’s important for us to learn from each other and see how different people categorize their relationships.  Oh and here’s another question I have that I really need your help with. Do you think that people who have never met face to face can truly be “friends”?  Have you ever been betrayed by a “friend”? If so how was your relationship impacted by that betrayal? Are you still friends with that person?

For me, friendship is a two-way street, give and take from both people! But that’s just me.   I just think that there are way too many wonderful people in the world to put friendship energy into people who have shown you they are not on that level and don’t have your best interest at heart!

Anywho, please post your thoughts and comments below on friendship. I would really love to hear what you have to say and learn about your experiences with friends.

Be Blessed!!!


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