Lessons of Gratitude From My Wii

I recently sold my Wii to a lady on craigslist. She was a grandmother, an older lady in her mid 60’s with health issues and she wanted the Wii to help her and her  husband get in more excercise. She had bought a Wii on craigslist before from someone who promised it worked, but it did not work. So because of this bad experience, she was really skeptical about this purchase.

But I was not skeptical and I knew my intentions were good. For one, I don’t USE people like that and I hate it when people take advantage of others and lie just to sell something and make a quick buck! I mean be truthful about what you are selling – don’t say something works when you know good and well it doesn’t – that is just wrong and makes for very bad karma.

Secondly, I hate it when people take advantage of older people – we should be trying to help them out as much as we can – after all many of them have given so much to us!

Anyway, I assured her it worked and told her to email me as soon as she got home to let me know if it works on her TV. She just emailed me confirming it worked and was so thankful!!! She said to me:

“Hi I enjoyed meeting you yesterday and wanted to let you know the Wii works. Thanks so so much.”

Sometimes we wonder WHAT our purpose is in life – I know, I do – but sometimes our purpose is simple. Sometimes our purpose is simply to follow our soul, listen to it, let our spirit guide us in truth and goodness and to be an example and reflection of God in all that we do.

In this situation my purpose was blessing her with honesty and truth – it was deeper than a craigslist transaction . It was greater than the Wii. For her it was getting a good deal and product and being blessed with real honest people out there. For me, it meant being blessed with her gratitude and the opportunity to give to someone with a good heart.

I know this may be too heavy for some – I mean some may be saying “it’s just a Wii, it isn’t that deep” and that is OK. But at the same time someone else may see the deeper meaning in my story and may need the encouragement of knowing that sometimes your purpose is not about having big houses and multi-million dollar careers (although that is nice and is a great goal) but your purpose may simply be just giving glory and honor to God and honoring Him by being kind and loving in all of your actions and loving your neighbor as He loves us.  That could be the mission God has  you on today.

The bottom-line is that in this crazy but beautiful world we need a little more of the “kind to shine” and a little less of the hate and selfish mentalities. I just want to encourage you to keep God in your heart, accept the mission for the day by simply doing and being you in a loving and kind way.

Good people rock on!!!

Good people keep the WORLD on it’s axis!!

Good people, keeping doing good things!!!

Have a great day and as always – God BLESS You and Yours!


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