Go Ahead And Gossip!

If you are going to gossip let it be about something uplifting and positive like how God got you up this morning, how your friend just got a great job offer,  how hundreds of people donated thousands of toys yesterday for children in need or how proud you are of your neighbor or friend who beat terminal cancer!

Gossip is OK if it is fruitful, uplifting and encouraging and you are spreading the good news…that is when gossip can be turned into the gospel and be nurturing and life giving versus demeaning and life taking.

So go ahead and gossip today, talk about the good things going on in this world and distant yourself from others who talk about the negative things in you and in others. Because as the quote below suggests, if they discuss that dirt with you they are probably out sharing your dirty laundry too.

Lets keep spreading the good news and uplift eachother with positive praise, appreciation and encouragement.

Have a great day!



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