My Christmas Wish: Please Help Save Our Voice

“When you don’t have a voice everyone just ignores you ….” -Pastor Pat Wright

This is for every person of every color, religion or background who believes in freedom of speech and understands the value of having independent local media that positively represents your culture and your voice. Please support this SAVE OUR VOICE campaign and help protect the only African-American owned and operated radio stations in Washington State. 560308_410556428963931_265251582_n These stations must raise $1,000,000 by December 31, 2013 in order to be free from a balloon loan that was called in by the lender in late November. The original bank that owned the loan was closed by the FDIC and sold its assets to the current bank. According to the owner Chris H. Bennett, the new bank that inherited this loan refuses to honor the terms set in place by the original lender. That is why these stations need to raise a million dollar for a million reasons by December 31, 2013. Donations are being accepted until the cut off date of December 31, 2013 at


These stations are special and serve a population of people that is underserved in the Northwest. With all that this station has accomplished and represents over the past 30 years in terms of the humanitarian causes that it supports on a daily basis and the vehicles of change in government policy, equal opportunity, justice – not to mention a training ground for young people (including myself) that it has helped, I can not even imagine how damaging it would be to our community if this voice went silent.

“A voiceless people have nowhere to look or nowhere to turn…” -Dr. Rev. Samuel Berry McKinney 

Please find it in your heart and good conscience to make a generous contribution to this cause and help us SAVE OUR VOICE in the Pacific Northwest. Please SHARE this station’s story on your blog and with your social network, friends, families and anyone you know who cares about independent media, social justice and just simply “being of service.” If 100,000 people in a world with millions of voices gave just $10 we’d be there. I am just asking to give what you can reasonably give and what your heart calls you to donate. The rest is in God’s good hands.

“One person makes a big difference, you make a big difference.” – Rev. Kiti Ward

The video’s below share the stories of the station. Donations are being accepted until the cut off date of December 31, 2013 at Thank you in advance for your support and prayers!


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