Keeping His Dream Alive… Thank You Dr. King

I am so grateful for you, Dr. King and all of the other freedom fighters of all hues, colors, ethnicities, classes, religions, etc. who fought and continue to fight and advocate for love, peace, inclusion and equal rights. I see today as so much more than just another holiday or “day off” but it’s a “day on” where we can observe and pay respect to the life of a courageous man who risked it all, and ultimately gave his life for a dream of equality that we can all enjoy. We still have a lot to do. Will we let his dream live on in our hearts and in society or will we continue a cycle of hate, bigotry and exclusion that at one time severely divided and paralyzed progress in this country?

I guess my question is how willing are we to keep Dr. King’s dream alive? In the face of injustice will you stand up for what is right? Will you stand up or subscribe to the “go along to get along” mentality. When I mean stand up, I mean that when you see offenders slandering, demeaning others or denying opportunity to marginalized groups of people or individuals or will you see yourself in the victimized and be brave enough to stand up for what is right? Just a thought…. HAPPY #MLKDAY2014



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