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Coloring Outside The Lines

This past Friday was the last day of my teaching job as a graphic design instructor. Yes, I quit my job!! A monumental decision that wasn’t taken lightly, trust me.

A Classroom Moment with my "kids". A Classroom Moment with my “kids”.

Painting in Paul's studio Painting in Paul’s studio

Back in ’07ish I had the privilege of having a mentor (the exquisite Paul Collins) that created an opportunity for me to discover a talent for painting and also a desire to teach. I sought out opportunities to do so and have spent the majority of the last 4 years pouring into young aspiring artists. Rewarding indeed but my artwork, creative spirit, and art business were neglected.

I had to make a decision…

I decided that my dream to be a professional, full-time artist deserved a chance. So I put in my notice and walk away excited, peaceful and ready for this next journey in my life!

Art Exhibit Art Exhibit

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