Remember, God Don’t Like Ugly

In the plight to make yourself relevant — remember God doesn’t like ugly. Standing in the way of people getting ahead and making a better life for themselves only hurts you in the long run. See  what I have learned is that there is a currency that this universe works by and it’s called KARMA. What is the exchange or how does Karma work? It’s simple. The exchange is good and bad energy or intentions, that’s what Karma goes by. For example if you lie on someone or try to slander their character it reveals to people and the universe that you have malice in your heart. Would you like someone to do that to you? I doubt you would and if your answer to that question is yes then it appears if you hold a mirror up the reflection would read “I hate myself” or “I hate my life” because that is the energy you are putting out by your behavior.

Remember what you put out and how you treat people ALWAYS comes back to you. So strive to treat people well and you will live well and be blessed. You will enjoy peace of mind, happiness and get the RESPECT. But backstabbing, lying on others to get ahead never works in the end. Those are all bad seeds to plant that never produce healthy crops. And if you have been a victim of malicious behavior, do not despair. God always has the final say. Take your troubles to the Lord and rebuke evil and ask God to forgive them and to make your enemies your footstool to success. Keep loving yourself and refuse to mirror the negative ‘piss poor’ behavior or wrongdoings of others towards you.

I will scream this message from the highest mountain, you owe it to yourself to go to God with all of your troubles. He sees and knows all and vengence belongs to God, not to us. Take your troubles to the Lord and watch Him work. He will give you direction if you ask. Remember the battle is not yours, it’s the Lords. Have a fabulous weekend and walk in God’s beautiful light.


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