You Have The Power To Rebuke Negativity

God is so amazing. I prayed with my auntie last week and remember feeling so much peace like all burdens are lifted. What we talked about was spiritual warfare. We must be reminded that the battle is not ours but it’s the Lord’s and that He has the final say in everything. He has the power and authority to heal relationships, expose evil, highlight good, protect us from harm, heal our bodies, cancel our debts and repurpose our lives. The only distraction from these things would be the opposite and focusing on the negative thoughts and actions that are based on fear, ego, doubt, un-forgiveness, jealousy, insecurity, greed — and the list goes on.

But, in knowing that God is amazing we also have a responsibility to be real with ourselves and others and realize that this world is a spiritual world and we must rebuke the negative and evil at every opportunity. Negativity can easily creep in and take over our minds and cause us to put energy into the wrong things and make bad decisions in our life. It happens all the time. We see it in the media with cattiness, drama and fight-TV (reality TV) — which by the way are easy to get sucked into (I’ve been there and done that). And by the way, I am not knocking all reality TV because there is a reason and a ‘season’ for everything but that’s for another blog post.

We see it in politics and government, we see it in our personal relationships and we see it on our jobs. The spirit of Good and Evil is everywhere, but the good news is that God gives us a blueprint in the bible for dealing with the evil in this world — he gives several tools. Those tools are His word, prayer, fellowship and the teachings and examples set forth by Jesus which is basically an example of love.

The bottom line is that those who trust in God have the victory in the end. So today I encourage you to give your worries and burdens to God because He cares for you. Ask His Holy Spirit to fill you up and give the grace each day to walk in positivity and if you carry malice or hurt in your heart ask Him to change your heart.

His spirit which is a spirit of love, truth, wisdom, righteousness and strength. Stay strong and know that good always comes back so when tempted to be malicious or do things to “get ahead” in this world, please ask God to take that spirit away — because that is not of God and only leads to destruction and the perpetuation of negative thoughts, actions, and reactions. I could really go-in on this. I am working on getting some guests lined up for some weekly prayer calls so that we can bind the negativity surrounding us and in this crazy yet beautiful world.

Let’s make a pledge this week to rebuke all things negative and not add any wood to the fire of gossip, jealousy and just all around evil. Be positive and when that negative spirit tries to test you and steal your peace and joy, rebuke it!

In the meantime, don’t forget that my new prayer book #BulletProofLove is now out! We’re #healing hearts & restoring #faith this YEAR!! Have u got your copy? 


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