Today’s Word: Stabilize and Mobilize

So with the beautiful spring weather and cool 60 degree breeze, today felt like a good day to lace up my sneakers and get moving! As I was out walking this morning and thinking about my life a great word came to me and I had to share it with you. The word is to ‘stabilize and mobilize.’  Stabilize means don’t give up, stand strong in your present state, get control over what you have control of.

In the dictionary, stabilize means “make or become unlikely to give way or overturn.”

Once your life is stable then you can be mobile and begin to put your plan in action. And when you are mobile you can begin to bring people together, attract people to your business, goal, idea, etc.

The definition of mobilize is ” to put into movement or circulation.”

When you mobilize you can move forward but you must be stable and on solid ground for that to work out most effectively. Because you don’t want to move forward and build when your foundation is shaky and not built on solid ground.

Anywho, that is the word of the day. I hope it inspires you.  As always let me know your thoughts on today’s word. Are you ready to stabilize? Are you ready to mobilize? What area’s of your life do you need to stabilize before moving forward? What plans do you have that are ready to be mobilized? Just a few things to think about. Now it’s time to get moving and enjoy your day and begin working on that dream life of yours! After all you are the author of your life, God gave it to you, use responsibly and abundantly and always with love in mind. That is my wish for you – that you many enjoy this beautiful life you have been blessed to live. Xoxxoxo #MuchLoveToYa #GodBless


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