Girlfriends. Without doubt, there is nothing like the power of yourgirlfriends.  Girlfriends are real friends, real ladies who have your back no matter what!Girlfriends give you strength when you are weak. They are not jealous of you. They care about you and genuinely want to see you manifest your dreams into reality and achieve beyond measure. They challenge you to be at the top of your game and they understand that when you achieve, the whole village achieves. Girlfriends keep you moving forward when life tries to hold you down. When life tragedy occurs, they inspire you to overcome. When your self image is tarnished by the ugly woes of this troubled world…. girlfriends are the ones that lift you up and remind you that you ARE beautiful, talented, and strong.

      Girlfriends are the ones that drill in you the truth, which is that YOU are not your circumstance. You are victorious and only need GOD to give you what you need in this world. They do not have to ask permission to be there for you – they are just there for you, instinctively and without question. They are like Angels, protecting you from harm with heavenly and sometimes heathenish charm (if that’s what is needed to lift you up). They understand that life happens and they will walk side by side with you throughout life’s journey with no regrets, all the while enjoying the MANY lshared lessons learned in this lifetime. Most importantly, girlfriends appreciate the beautiful YOU that God so perfectly created – and they make you feel like a million bucks when you’re feeling like a penny with a hole in it – and we all have those days.

     Girlfriends are what we need to keep our world rotating in the right direction ———->>>> forward not backwards – with courage and confidence – free from worry and stress — towards a stronger self —- helping you realize and become the best version of you.Girlfriends are the ones that are centered in the spirit of God – they love you no matter what – and recognize the gift that friendship brings. If you have just one girlfriend in this lifetime than you are richly blessed. By all means let all your girls know that they are appreciated because despite what you may sometimes think, you need these women in your life. You can not do this life all alone, you need and deserve the support of good girlfriends by your side.


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