My ‘GirlBye’ Moment of the Day

Many of you may or may not know about the saying ‘GIRL BYE’. According to the wonderful ‘Urban Dictionary’ the saying ‘Girl Bye’ is “a term used to dismiss a comment or an accusation by another person.” So for today I got a whole list of #GIRLBYE moments. But for the sake of the blog and time, I will share my ‘Girl Bye’ moment of the day and it’s related to the new world order which is: SELFISHNESS and the ‘all about me’ mentality sweeping this world.

So with that said let me explain what I am talking about. While working with this lady today she liked my work ethic so much that she said “I love you, you are so nice” but in the same breath a moment later she is advocating for me to not give my co-worker the sale for the item she put on hold. She said “don’t give her (my co-worker) the credit she did not help me, you helped me” … my response was “it’s ok because I’m doing the right thing and I would hope that one day someone would return the favor to me.” Her response was “no you are too nice, just take the sale, just take the sale.” So my response was ‘no that’s ok, I will give her credit.” Then she says “how will you survive in this world you are too nice.” My response was a smile but in my head I was thinking “THIS IS how you survive, it’s the golden rule. If I made it to 31 years of age then I am sure I will make it another 50 or 60.’ GIRL BYE LOL!

On the real, I am noticing more and more people who are subscribing to this mentality of it’s ‘all about me.’ What is this, are we back in middle school again? It’s craziness. I remember my parents encouraging me to ‘share my toys’ with others but apparently many people missed that lesson and it’s sad to see.

But even in my ‘Girl Bye’ moment, I found a reason to be thankful and proud. I am thankful to God for those people who work hard to be a good person that believes in being of service to others. I thank God for those people who are about ‘doing the right thing’ and being a team player even when the rest of team may be playing dirty. You NEVER win when you play dirty. It may seem like a temporary victory but your soul is not victorious because when you abandon the golden rule of ‘treat others the way you want to be treated’ that same negative energy you directed towards another person comes right back and bites you in the butt. It’s the law of reciprocation. Now, I am not perfect in any way, shape or form. However, I try my best to treat people right — with fairness and respect. My super prayer and wish is that more people will abandon the LIE that selfishness is best because it is clearly NOT but instead it’s destructive.

Anywho that’s my #GIRLBYE moment for the day. Please feel free to share your ‘Girl Bye’ moment…I would love to read them!  In the mean time, stay encouraged good people and remember your spiritual rewards one of which is called ‘peace of mind’ is greater than any material or temporary gain in this world. When tempted to take the ‘selfish’ road rebuke that thought and rise up to higher calling of being a ‘team player’ and treating others the way that you would want to be treated. Peace and love….


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