Circle of Love

By: Malika Bennett

Love is not linear.

Round and round we go.

You pull away, I pull away, we pull away, we come back.

One step, one day at a time, we tip toe back into each other’s lives.

When we let the ego dissolve and hearts heal from past pains of love untamed by unworthy lovers….we start loving again and the love is easy like the summer breeze. Mysterious like the Incan Empire. Built to last like the ancient pyramids.

What can you say, it’s how we love.

And our hearts heat up like a mid-summer night in July….steamy and hot…deep in the fire kind of love…brick oven hot kinda love….keep me warm in the bitter cold winter months kind of love  … there is no other love quite like it.

And when you’re love is ‘game on’ and are truly presence in this thing we got, you are incredible ever-flowing with emotion like waterfalls, picture perfect like National Geographic, your animal instinct like a lion ready to devour all competition or man that threatens your territory…but you have no worries because my heart is circled up around yours.

Because your love is dope.

Your sly smile, your intelligence, your unwavering humor, your sweetness, your gentle kindness, your passion and your tolerance of my complexities makes you so beautifully irresistible.

Willingly we do what we do, we laugh, we play, we disagree, but we agree to let each other be who we be …. and I’m with that…its our circle of love, it is what we do

And truth is when you act right, you curb my appetite, you are my almond joy and no sneaky sneakers type of man can ever fulfill the sweet tooth I have for you.

For you…well you make me want to be better, to give more, to be vulnerable, open, kind and free with you….

I’m not even afraid to let go with you because your kind of love taught me the power of just letting it flow ….

Because our supernatural bond is strong like gravity you hold me down effortlessly. You lift me up – lovingly you give of you.

And truth is…I don’t even know or really care to analyze where this love will go because I hold no chains, you do not own me nor me you but you inspire me…to be better

Nah, this love is not linear …. there is no straight path or map to it … it goes round and round, up and down, sideways, backwards, upwards and we don’t know where it will land ….

But in this moment if you just take my hand and in this lifetime give our love a second try… I will enjoy it … while I have you and your sweet attention and you have mine….I will enjoy it, caress it, finesse it and be your canvass for which you can create and paint your dream life with …. your ms. … that you will never have to miss….because through all the ups and downs and rounds and rounds of life….I will be there – loving you.


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