Once Upon A Dream

By: Malika Bennett

Last night I dreamt you held my hand

I knew they were yours by the softness

As my eyes were closed and the music swayed through the room like loose palm trees on a southern beach

You grabbed my hands and guided me outside to tell me something

Something you’ve been holding inside

Something you’ve been trying to hide

Passionately you described your love  for me – how I intrigue you, give you butterflies and ignite that fire in your soul like a fourth of July sparkler that a child holds – happily

Your deepness  and passionate expression did surprise me — pleasantly

I always knew there were feelings between us but never imagined you admitting the part you played

As you poured your heart out I understood

I probed like a mechanic under the hood trying to get to the root of your heart’s dilemma

You explained, I listened and I understood

I understood but wondered why …with all the light in your eyes that your heart only sees black and white

I wondered if you could see the crayons on the table ready for you to color.

Color meaning hope because real love is like dope-amine to our souls – lighting up the darkest places bringing happiness where regret resided, breaking traditions, rewriting our parents’ rules

As we held hands and you shared your stares felt like kisses

In that moment I felt like I belonged to you and you to me like this is where our hearts should be

And then the sun suddenly peeked through my bedroom drapes and I woke up

and my dream came to an end


2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Dream

  1. That was a beautiful poem. I felt like it was me dreaming the dream. I could feel the compassion in her soul, as if I too was hearing the same words. How beautiful… why, cause I know many that would love to dream the same dream! How sad some of us never feel this way!

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