A Reason To Be Thankful

I was talking to a friend of mine today who works in the world of non-profits, ministry and charity. She was sharing a story about a young woman who was living in the shelter with her kids to avoid her abusive husband.

Well I am not sure if you know about the shelters in the DC area but they are full. And because they were full she was cuddled up next to her children in the overflow area with no bed, blanket, etc. As she slept with her children nestled under her for protection someone desperate for money came and cut off her long beautiful hair to sell it for money. When she woke up she was missing her beautiful ponytail and long locks. Talk about DEVASTATING!

When I heard this story, my heart sunk and I just stopped and prayed for her and her kids — because every one deserves a safe place to call home and raise their kids without the risk of being violated in their sleep by some desperate bystander looking for a quick come up. Shameful!! But then again maybe it just goes to show there is a NEED in this country for good paying jobs, shelter, food and the basic necessities. It highlighted that no matter how people try to spin it, people in this country are still indeed suffering and need assistance.  What’s even more disturbing is that this took place in our nations’ capital where some of the wealthiest families and corporations reside.

I pray that God blesses this lady with a home that she can call her own and a way to provide for her kids and all of their needs. If ever I begin to get complacent about my blessings and the simple things that are easy to take for granted such as clean water, warm showers and a roof over my head I will pause and think of this lady and her situation. We are so blessed.

Today I just want to encourage you to pause and think about your life and all of the amazing things to be grateful for — even if it’s just being thankful for having hair — because there is someone today that is without even that prized joy. Please today, give thanks for all that you have because there is someone in life RIGHT NOW that does not have those things and wishes they had those things.

Remember you are living, breathing and blessed..and that is a reason to be thankful. What are 5 things that you are grateful for right now? List them, meditate on them and share them. Let the positivity of your grateful heart cast out all darkness.

God Bless!!!


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