It’s Time To Just Do You

This is a great weekend post as this is the time many of us have free time to do what we want to do. I affirm that I will not wait on no one to do what I want to do.

It must be how I was raised – to be an independent minded, thinking and acting woman. To be myself and true to me. That is one of many things that moms taught me well and that is to never wait on anyone to do something with you that you want to do.

Yes, company is great sometimes but sometimes people in your life may not have the same interests and that’s cool. Life is too short, just do you and don’t wait on anyone to co-sign or join you.

I have learned that sometimes we will meet people along the way that enjoy the same things we do but we don’t need to waste time waiting for others to say ‘yes I’ll go with you’ especially if they are wishy-washy and hesitant to go. I have no patience for going through all of that with someone. After all sometimes the sand is already at the beach so no need to try and bring extra sand when it’s just extra weight we don’t need to carry.

So my thought of the day is: do you.

Affirmation: I enjoy my own company and will do what I want to do without hesitation. I will do me and enjoy my own company. I also warmly accept companionship of those people who willingly wish to join me in the activities I love and enjoy or who simply want to go on new adventures with me. 


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