5 Really Cute ‘Go Pink’ Items to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Over the years organizations have become really good at up’ing the ante for fundraising by introducing super cute ‘Pink’ products that look fabulous and help raise money for breast cancer awareness. So, I searched the internet for some super affordable and lovely ‘go pink’ products that are perfect gifts for loved ones battling Breast Cancer or for survivors that you may know.

What a great way to honor a loved one while raising money for a good cause. Below are 5 really cute ‘Go Pink’ items that I think are truly awesome – most of which support a healthy active lifestyle. God Bless all of our Breast Cancer survivors and fighters out there — may God continue to shine His light on you.

  1. Wilson Sporting Goods Hope Tennis Backpack – This stylish tennis bag is not only super cute but helps fund the  Research Foundation – You can get yours here!BzKbhwDIAAAmlW0.jpg-large
  2. Think Pink Bag. Get some great beauty products and sampler items with this super cute ‘Think Pink” beauty bag. Five dollars from sales goes to the Breast Cancer Awareness organization, WhatAPair.org – Get yours here!BzKaJsFCQAEC_rS.jpg-large
  3. ‘Think Pink’ Beauty Heroes Collection – Join Elemis to support Breast Cancer Awareness with the ‘Think Pink’ Beauty Heroes collection.  It’s $58. Check it out here.BzKYtIQIEAAm__V.jpg-large
  4. Pink Wrap Bracelets – During October, Blu Lua will donate a portion of each sale to the Susan G Komen foundation! This wrap features beautiful rose quartz and swarovski crystal wrap on korean wax cord plus it’s vegan friendly!  It is $100. Get yours here.BzKV0KTIUAAhHVQ.jpg-large
  5. Susan G. Komen Cruiser Multi-Speed Bike –  Work out in fashion while supporting Breast Cancer research. That’s right, not only will you be able to don a fabulously fly new bike in pink but a portion of your purchase will be donated to the cause of a fight against breast cancer. It can’t get any better than this.  The bike is available for $119. You can get yours here.


In addition to these items, I would like to encourage you to learn more about Breast Cancer and also to perform a self breast exam or go to your doctors for a breast exam this month. Early detection is key.





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