Lord, Thank You For Sending A Much Needed Revival

Yay, yay yay! I am so excited for this upcoming Revival in Seattle, taking place November 17-21, 2014 and featuring 5 local churches with live broadcasts on radio stations KRIZ 1420AM [Seattle], KZIZ 1560AM [Tacoma/Federal Way/etc.] and live online streaming of the event at http://www.ztwins.com or via the TuneIn App on your smartphone.

There is so much going on in our city and in our world and there are so many people in need of spiritual renewal, praise and worship, hope and love.

Below is the flyer for the event, please feel free to share, share and share and attend either in-person or on-line. I have to say that I love ministry and it has been a pleasure helping put this together with our team of amazing people in ministry. I just want to say a prayer for this event. Please join me in this prayer so that this special event may touch both the churched and un-churched and any soul in need of healing, a good word,  hope, love, fellowship, inspiration and spiritual renewal.

Our Prayer: Thank you Lord for sending us a revival and let the revival begin in me and all those who attend, listen in online at ztwins.com or on the radio. May you bless all those involved, especially the pastors, their welcoming congregations, the radio stations carrying the event on-air and live, the team behind making this happen and all of those who will make it or listen in to the revival online.  May many souls be brought to you Dear Lord and may the gospel of your son Jesus save lives. We ask and pray that this revival reach all those who need you, want to learn about you, need hope, need encouragement and need You, dear Lord. God may all of those that love and know you and simply need spiritual renewal be touched by this revival through praise, worship and fellowship. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen.

Digital Flyer


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