City Wide Revival, Day 1: Have a Heart of Compassion

This whole week [Nov 17-21], I am taking part of a City-Wide Revival in Seattle featuring 5 local churches and live radio and online broadcasts via and radio stations, KRIZ 1420 AM and KZIZ 1560AM. The Revival’s theme is ‘spiritual renewal’ and it got off to a good start. Up first was Rev. Witherspoon and the congregation at Mt. Calvary . Let me tell you, the service was on point and the message lit a fire in my belly and warmed my soul. Perfect for harvest time, to plant a seed of renewal.  The message from today’s revival service was having a heart of compassion!  He talked about all of us being called to preach the gospel..and how we must show compassion in this world towards others, just how Jesus’ showed compassion towards others during his days on this earth [even those that nailed Him to the cross].

This message is so relevant for today’s time. As families struggle with battling health issues, financial distress and political mess  there is no question that a revival in ourselves and in this world is much-needed. With all that said Rev. Witherspoon held to his message of compassion. We must have compassion. We don’t have to look-alike, think-alike and be-alike to ‘like’ or show love to one another … but we should always have a heart of compassion for others no matter what and not justify or mimic bad behavior lacking of love and truth.

I admit sometimes I get so sad and disappointed in our human selves when I think about the hatred and injustice prevalent in cities like Ferguson, Missouri. I can only pray that a spirit of compassion touch the hearts of all of those involved.

Overall, I really enjoyed the message and the fellowship and collective prayer….for where two or more are gathered, the presence of the Lord is there! People said the radio broadcast was AMAZING with the live music and all I bet it was….all I can say is I felt 100 times better and more energized leaving then coming. God is good! Let the revival begin in US…..Day 1 down….4 more blessed days to go! Yeah!!! Up next for day 2 is revival at TrueVine Missionary Baptist Church in Seattle where Rev. Willis is Pastor. I am looking forward to hearing the word.

Anywho, this week as you start your week of, remember to show compassion and treat yourself and others good with a spirit of COMPASSION.


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