14 Thank You’s — Just 14 Days before Christmas!!!

I am in the Christmas spirit, remembering the reason for the season and that the greatest gift this season is the birth of JESUS. He gave and sacrificed so much and when I call on Him, He is always there so How could I not be thankful?

With Thanksgiving to God for sending His Son…I developed a list of 14 things I am thankful for today, just 14 days before Christmas. Now that you’ve read this, I challenge you to come up with a list of your very own ’14 Thank You’s’ and post them in the comments section below or on your blog. There is something so powerful and freeing about just stepping back and saying thank you — now it’s your turn to share!!!

  1. Hungry? [nope] – thank you Lord.
  2. Shelter? [yes] – thank you Lord
  3. Healthy? [yes] – thank you Lord
  4. Hopeful? [yes] – thank you Lord
  5. Happy? [yes] – thank you Lord
  6. Loved? [yes] – thank you Lord
  7. At Peace? [yes] – thank you Lord
  8. Safe? [yes] – thank you Lord
  9. Protected? [yes] – thank you Lord
  10. Motivated? [yes] – thank you Lord
  11. Caring? [yes] – thank you Lord
  12. Giving? [yes] – thank you Lord
  13. Prayerful [yes] – thank you Lord
  14. Thankful? [yes] – thank you Lord!!!

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