My Best Advice: LoveYou, Be Excellent In All You Do [True Story]

My best advice is to love you, prove your doubters wrong by working hard and giving 100% to everything you commit to doing. Even the simple things like “washing dishes” or “answering the phones” you should do with excellence. Give your ALL to it. That way when your big opportunity comes you will be prepared and people will trust you to do the job because they’ve seen how hard you’ve worked on the mundane tasks.

I remember wanting soooo bad to make the varsity basketball team in high school. The summer before my Junior year, I prayed and asked the Lord to help me make this team and to show me how. I worked hard all summer. I jogged/walked four miles to the basketball court and played pick-up games with the ‘boys.’

When summer training sessions came for the varsity team, I attended every one of them so that I can show the coach I was very serious. I knew I wasn’t the best on the team but I was determined and believed I deserved to be there. There were girls who played basketball all year around so they had advantages. But I listened to the coaches. I had a positive attitude and I worked hard on the court.

One night during tryout, I remember praying and tearing up while I asking God to please help me make the team. After praying, in my spirit, I knew that I would make the team. I was believing what the Lord placed in my spirit and I wanted so desperately to make the team, that I refused to quit.

Well after three days of intense tryouts, the coach had his Varsity team picked out and ready to go. I remember being in the weight room with the girls and our coach pulling me and this other girl aside. I was nervous! At this point, I knew I had given it my all, so no matter what he said, I was in place where I could accept good or bad news – but still I was nervous. No one likes rejection. It sucks!

My coach said  even though he is only suppose to have 12 girls on the team that he wanted to extend an offer for us two girls to join the varsity team. He said the reason why he was making this exception was because he admired our work ethic and saw how hard we were working. Him saying YES to me meant the world and was my first lesson in the power of prayer, being faithful and trusting God. It also showed me that prayer without works is dead and that working hard and giving life my all, I can come out a winner and achieve even when the odds are against me. 

With that said, I just want to encourage someone to stay with it and never let yourself subscribe to mediocricy – but be excellent in all you do and be a leader. Remember your work is your signature & what people associate with you — make sure you give your all in EVERYTHING you do and commit to going above and beyond FOR YOU ….  

EXCELLENCE and taking pride in every task you take on or that you are given is the best gift you can give yourself.”

It goes a long way and will carry you for years to come while others are being ‘lazy’ and just doing ‘enough’ to get by …. the one with the best work ethic will be the squeaky wheel that gets the oil because your work SPEAKS for itself.


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