Give What You Can & Give The Rest To God

Sometimes you think people aren’t hearing you and that your words of encouragement are a waste of time and energy. Atleast, I feel like that from time to time.

But sometimes when you give people time to process everything and you lay low [do not nag, separate yourself from them, etc.] they actually receive what you are SAYING & work towards change. This happened this WEEK.

The other day I spent an hour of my precious energy listening to the ‘whoa is me’ narrative and trying to help this young lady self reflect and change up her perspective … to stop playing victim and to learn how to give it to God.

Man…when I was done working with her, I was so drained! After praying and confessing to God that I’ve done all I can, I was convicted to not pour anymore energy into her but to focus on others that really need & want my help. So I did that.

Yesterday she comes to me and by the end of the day was thanking me for the word and encouragement and saying that it helped her out A LOT. She even had a praise report regarding her progress with housing. Praise God! I was very happy for her & also received a very valuable lesson.

I learned that once we’ve done all we know to do & let God do the work that GREAT THINGS happen. Its great to pour words of encouragement into others but we must learn our limits and know when to walk away & let God work His magic. The battle is not ours …. it truly is the Lords.


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