No Reason to be Sad on Valentine’s Day

I’ve seen several posts on Facebook and on social media about people being sad on Valentines Day because a co-worker or friend got flowers and they didn’t. Um, why are u sad? Do you have money? Do you have a job? Go buy yourself some fresh cut flowers or candies. Give some flowers to a friend in need or go out to eat with one of your homies and get your laugh on! You should never covet or desire what someone else has because you don’t know their home life. That same man/woman may put them thru hell on the daily or he/she could be an absolute sweetheart. You just never know someone else’s story or relationship. Some people do special things because society says to and it makes them look like the ideal husband or boyfriend. I say let Valentines day be whatever you want it to be. If you are single love on you or share your love with someone in need. If you are married or in a committed relationship make it what u want it to be & do what it do. Love is an action verb and if you really love someone you do special things for them on the regular. A bouquet of flowers is thoughtful and sweet but what’s more important is how that person treats you and also what’s most important is how you love and treat yourself. Just a few thoughts!!! Happy Valentines to all!!!


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