Hands Down The Best Valentines Day Ever & Here’s Why

Today was absolutely beautiful. Someone was so thoughtful to leave TWO DOZEN roses for our guests at the day shelter I work at. Another volunteer came and led an arts and crafts workshop which the ladies loved! They made sweet valentines for family, love ones, friends and other guests in the shelter.

One of the guests’ ( whom I love) has a granddaughter named Ellen who follows me around everywhere lol! She was so sweet that she gave this beautiful card that says “I Love you.” It was so touching. And then to top it off one of health conscious guests made two chopped salads that the ladies adored and a volunteer brought a big dish of yakisoba (sp) noodles with broccoli, carrots, bacon, ham, onion, etc.

Some other volunteers brought God Conversation Hearts Valentines that referenced some nice scriptures and some others brought cookies, candy and sweet valentines with words of encouragement.

The ladies watched some movies and one of our guests helped another one of the guests by corn rolling her hair! The love was is in the air and was infectious. You can feel the warmth.And I’m a love girl so I was vibing off the energy. So positive and so heart warming. Well that love energy kept flowing and it led to 3 women potentially having housing by Monday. One of the gentlemen who runs a transitional housing program is coming tomorrow to do two intakes! God is so good! These ladies have endured so much and now they are getting their blessing. To witness all of the love and examples of sisterhood and just pure good I experienced tonight makes me feel so fortunate and blessed.

One of the guests was almost in tears when she said ‘thank you guys for going out of your way to do this for us’ … I of course had to give credit to the local community and church volunteers and yes us staff too because we all love these guests so much and want the best for them.

My goal when they leave our shelter is to know that there is hope and love and there are people who genuinely want the best for them. I think today I saw that they felt loved and that made my day! Hands down best Valentines’ day ever!!!! My heart is so full!!!! Thank you Lord for this experience and for your Love Jesus that flows through all of us!!! Thank you Lord for this opportunity to serve.



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